Run reports across multiple Stores in real-time with rich graphs

Sales Reports

Sales Reports

Categorize and compare reports using any combination of tags. View reports by Hour, Day, Week, Month, or Year across multiple stores in real time.

With all the calculations done for you, you can focus on making the graph trend the right way.

Profits At A Glance

By combining your input cost and pricing information with actual sales data, Shoptree calculates margins on FIFO basis. See margins line by line and by Total sales too!

So when you run reports, it is easy to see which products are making money.

Reports Profits
Product Reports

Product Reports

Run reports on transactions, products, categories, pay types, users etc and delve even deeper into what makes your business tick.

Transform your business by streamlining business processes with the help of detailed analytics.

StockFlow Reports

Daily Stock Flow reports allow you the freedom to do a Stock Take at any given time. It shows you everything from opening days stock, purchases, sales, transfers, wastages and finally the closing days stock for every single product at any given time you choose.

Reports Stock Flow
Sales History

Sales History

Our comprehensive reporting system allows you to pull out, modify, e-mail and re-print the information of any sale from the history.

Register Closures

View and Analyse day to day activity of register sales, cash floats with the register closures report.

Register Closures Reports
Reports Filters

Multiple Filters

Remove the clutter of generic reports by selecting those that are relevant, and see only the information you need.

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