Products & Pricebooks


Create and Modify Products with ease.

Product In Stock

Product Groups

Classify Products into Section, Brands and Suppliers.

Assign Products to specific stores.

Make informed decisions by getting ‘Real Time’ updates of Stocks.

Composite Products

Composite Product

Bundle a set of your Products to create new products based on fractional amounts of other products, like a glass of juice or wine and even bundled packages like gift boxes and more.

Stock Tracking

Stock Tracking

Real Time stock tracking across your stores enables your cashier to NEVER sell negative stocks and your staff to never over order products, all with just a click of the button.

Barcode Support

Add or Define a SKU and scan the barcode while Selling and Stock management.

Store Specific Products

Assign each product to a specific store or across all the stores.


Pre define discounts to give offers throughout the year. Make your Customers Happy!


Flexible Pricing

Add or Edit a pricebook and manage different pricebooks across different stores.

Assign multiple prices, taxes and discounts to each product based on store, date, day and time by using our powerful Price Book Engine.

Happy hours

Create Promotions in either one location or across all your stores for a specific time frame during the day & entice your customers.

Promotions can be scheduled to a limited period of time which is automatically applied at that time.

Product Imports

Import and Export

Save time by importing and exporting all your products from a file with just a single click.

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